Bernie Sanders’ bird encounter inspires new trending hashtag

Bernie Sanders’ surprise winged visitor at his rally in Portland, Oregon last Friday has social media buzzing with a catchy new hashtag.

Watch the video below:

Moments after the bird made its appearance on Sanders’ podium, #BirdieSanders was already trending on Twitter.

Sanders’ campaign also took advantage of the unique situation by tweeting out a new image the following day that depicts the Democratic presidential candidate’s profile smiling back at a green bird that is flying in front of him with the word “TOGETHER” in the top left corner.

With how controversial the 2016 presidential race has been, a light-hearted moment like this was not one to be ignored by social media.

Sanders’ supporters seemed especially eager to spawn a new, more gentle and princess-like persona for the candidate.

Many took the internet to create memes that depicted Sanders’ as various different characters, including some popular Disney Princesses

The artist who produces the webcomic The Oatmeal, Matthew Inman, created a meme specifically for those Bernie Sanders fans who also share the love for Disney movies.

Artists were not the only ones to create retweet-worthy memes.

Many everyday Twitter users saw an opportunity to be creative and funny while also promoting Sanders’ campaign.

As if the coincidental rhyming, perfect timing and symbolism was not exciting enough, the location has fans of IFC’s show “Portlandia,” especially amused.

The popular sketch-comedy show, starring Carrie Brownstein and Fred Armisen, featured a sketch titled “Put a Bird On It,” in the first episode.

In the sketch, the actors insist that every thing is better if you “put a bird on it,” and after last Friday’s rally, Sanders supporters seem to agree.

Watch the sketch below:

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